We Care: How Brenda Mayr Made her College Decision

Brenda Sue Mayr is a graduate of Globe University’s paralegal associate degree program and is currently enrolled in the bachelor’s degree paralegal program. This is her story of how she chose Globe University.

We begin our learning experiences at birth and continue that learning the rest of our lives. An antiquated view of education is that one went to college straight out of high school, and any formal education beyond a certain age provided little value to society.

paralegal associate degreeUnfortunately, our traditional American education system has failed to evolve much above that view. That being said, upon my decision to enter college and realize my dream of being a college graduate, that old view is exactly what I encountered. Being a non-traditional student established in a 20-year career and family life, my choices were limited. I visited many campuses early in my quest and although they were quick to hand me a plethora of informational packets, not one of those campuses stood out.

One day shortly after, I saw an advertisement on television about a new campus for Globe University opening in the Wausau area and I decided that one more campus visit couldn’t hurt. The first time I walked through the university doors was in March 2010. The campus was just opening. You know that feeling you get when you are house-hunting and just when you think you can’t look any further, something inside coaxes you to look at one more, you enter the door, look beyond the hard work ahead, and see your future there? That is the feeling I had on my first visit to Globe.

My search was over, and my future was here before me. I knew the hard work and sacrifice it would entail, and much in the same way you pour your heart and many hours of labor into your house to shape it into your vision, the staff at Globe pour their heart into every student who comes through those doors; teaching those who have been away from the educational process how to be students once again, shaping and guiding us every step of the way, fulfilling the school’s mission and vision of “We Care.”

I can tell you those two little words are not just a school logo; it is at the core of every professor, staff and administrative personnel. You cannot fail, they will not let you.

When choosing a school, which is an overwhelming process in itself, there are many areas of concentration; some matter, some do not, such as: ranking, reputation or that beautiful ivy growing on the campus outer walls. You can choose a school where you blend in, that is a “safe” choice or has a catchy brand name and logo. Or, you can ask yourself, “Will this school force me to grow? Will this school fit who I am now and who I want to become?”

One instructor who has a profound effect on my success at Globe University is Chris Carlson. He is currently a financial aid guru, but at one time taught business communications and contributed his thoughts on a speech I was making for our campus’s grand opening.

He said, “A career college challenges its students to become leaders in their respective programs and careers. Those who are the most successful leaders are also agents of change. Change becomes a way for a person to succeed; it is a constant, it takes leadership, and to lead others, you must first lead yourself.”

You see, a college should not teach a student what to think, but rather, how to think.

My educational experience at Globe University has been nothing short of remarkable. I have grown into the person I knew I could be, and I have been presented opportunities to help others, to share what I have learned. There is no greater honor than to pass your knowledge on to others and encourage that next prospective college student. An educated mind at any age is society’s greatest gift; it fosters change, preserves our past, and enriches the future.   

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