We Love the Library: Celebrating National Library Week

You may think that libraries are hush-hush, quiet, boring places, but then you have definitely never been to the library at Globe University-Wausau. This library proved the stereotype of libraries to be far from the truth.

April 14-20, libraries all over the United States celebrated National Library Week (NLW), an annual observance that celebrates the contributions of libraries and library workers and promotes the use of the resources of the nation’s libraries.  At Globe University-Wausau, the library offers many resources for our students, staff and faculty, and we celebrated these resources in style with events for everyone in the library, and the return of the 2nd Annual Titanic Survivor Games.

NLW kicked off on Monday when Globe University-Wausau welcomed Books Are Fun to our campus.  Books Are Fun offered our campus community the chance to buy books and gifts at a reduced cost from the convenience of the campus commons.  The Books Are Fun staff graciously agreed to participate in the campus scavenger hunt that was part of the Titanic Survivor Games kickoff.  Other events on Monday included Library Game Day with a featured snack of spaghetti, crackers and baked goods. 

library weekThe Titanic Survivor Games continued throughout the week, with teams racing neck and neck up to the climactic final challenge, the much anticipated artifact excavation on Thursday afternoon, and even beyond – as there was a tie in the first heat.  A preliminary winning team was crowned, but after a formal protest was lodged and a review of the standings, Team Sharks was crowned the 2013 winning team. 

“It was a blast,” said Tabitha Edson, Sharks team member.  Her teammate Stephanie Williams agreed, “We got to be kids for a while.  We colored, we dug in sand.  It was a lot of fun!”library week

NLW culminated in a reception featuring bacon-wrapped smokies, donated by library assistant Nancy Curtin, a spicy chicken casserole dish donated by Student Ambassador Tabitha Edson, other donations by staff and faculty, as well as cake and punch. 

All students who participated in the 2nd Annual Titanic Survivor Games received fully punched Dare to Get Involved cards.  The winning team received “trophies”, two fully punched Dare to Get Involved cards and gift certificates.  A random drawing was held and the lucky winner walked away with a Pot of Gold—candy box as well as a fully punched Dare to Get Involved card. 

Saige Krohn, who won this coveted prize, sadly did not get to enjoy them.  “My fiance ate them,” she said when asked about the prize.  Saige, however, will get to enjoy the cookbook she won in the random drawing from Books Are Fun.  “I had a lucky week,” Saige acknowledged.

As NLW reminds us, we are all lucky when libraries are well staffed and well supported.  The ready access to resources and information allows all of us to win.

By Nora Craven, MLIS, Librarian Globe University-Wausau