WeCAN: The Aftermath at Globe University-Wausau

Earlier this year, the Globe University-Wausau campus participated in the WeCAN food sculpture competition.

The legacy of this competition lived on at the GU-Wausau campus for a little while longer.

Photo of painted nails

Red nails for the cause

To inspire and generate donations, the campus divided into teams. At least one person from each team agreed to make a sacrifice of some kind.

The teams then competed to win a “penny war” intended to garner monetary donations, and to collect the most food/money donations overall.

Staff and faculty offered sacrifices in surprising numbers, getting a pie in the face, eating something gross and dyeing hair.

Someone from the losing team would have to make a sacrifice. The winning team(s) could choose someone from either their own team or another team to make sacrifices. Those sacrifices were voted on and took place on campus recently.

Photo of pink hair

Thinking pink for the cause

The teams were broken down fairly evenly between programs.

Team A: Veterinary technology students and faculty

Team B: Students and faculty from the accounting, business, medical assistant and health care management programs

Team C: Massage therapy, criminal justice, paralegal and information technology

Staff and general education faculty were divided evenly between Teams B and C.

Competition between Teams B and C heated quickly and intensified throughout the collection period. This was especially evident in the penny war, where silver and paper, which counted against the pennies, appeared frequently in the jars.

The friendly rivalry ended with both teams winning. Team C decisively won the penny war, but Team B won the overall donation total. These teams voted for business instructor Phil Handrick and librarian Nora Craven to make sacrifices.

As his sacrifice, Phil agreed to sport polished nails for a week, while Nora agreed to pink hair. These sacrifices made the campus a bit more colorful for a few days!

As the losing team, Team A was forced to make a sacrifice, and only one team member had offered to make a sacrifice. As temperatures dropped and snowflakes flew, veterinary technology instructor Kevin Berry very literally took one for his team when he received a a pie to the face, while the much of the campus looked on.

Photo of pie in the face

The ultimate pie for the cause

“I wish I could have been there for Kevin getting pied,” accounting student Tiffany Karlen said.

Added business student Katie Heisler said: “This seemed like so much fun. I wish I had been there to see it!”

Several veterinary technician students agreed that they were disappointed that they were not on campus to witness this, and veterinary technician graduate Teri Blair requested video! Katie Syring, who had the honor of tossing the pie, expressed her respect for Kevin and the sacrifice he made.

“It was an extreme pleasure to pie Kevin in the face!” she said.

Massage student Judith Fabbri, whose ice bucket challenge service learning project helped spark interest in this contest, said it was a worthwhile effort.

“I think it’s amazing that the teachers and staff were so willing to do something they wouldn’t normally do in order to help motivate people to donate,” she said.

Tiffany Karlen agreed, saying, “It was a great turnout and I think putting up sacrifices was a great idea! But I think Phil should have had to have fake nails for a month.”

Ultimately, all the sacrifices were more than worth it.

The campus community donated nearly 1,000 cans of food and over 250 bottles of water. These donations will help provide more than 2,000 meals to families in need in our community.