When the Awesome Becomes Awesomer

Written by Nikki Kassien, LMT, Globe University massage therapy graduate

So here I am in the real world, working in my own business as a licensed massage therapist at A New Beginning Bodyworks in Woodruff, Wisconsin; aka: livin’ the dream. But how did I get here?

Two years ago, I was seeing a few clients a month as a Reiki practitioner while working as a receptionist a few days a week at a spa. Boy, life can change in an instant. Just blink and BAM! Dream achieved!

massage therapy degree

Nikki Kassien, LMT at A New Beginning Bodyworks

It really can happen. You just have to have faith in yourself. Set a goal and move forward. Oh, and meet some great people along the way. But don’t just shake a hand and move on. Listen to them, learn from them. What sounds like nonsense at the moment may just turn out to be the most profound information of your life.

The one person you met that seemed awesome one day may become “awesomer” the next day. It happens… let me explain.

When I entered Globe University-Wausau campus in January of 2013, I wanted a quick diploma in massage therapy. I didn’t want to get involved with people, join groups or become part of the campus. Get in and get out as soon as possible.

How detailed could it be? I had been going to therapists and spas for over 20 years. I knew the routine. You get undressed, get under the sheet and relax. Having had over 500 massages myself, I was sure I had picked up a few things along the way. Piece of cake.

Fortunately, my personality and the very essence of who I am got in the way. I am a “people person,” an extreme green with a dash of yellow (for those who are fans of Insights Discovery). I liked the people in my classes. I got into study groups and even became a Student Ambassador.

But of all the things I did to get involved, the most important thing I did was change my diploma to a degree and involve myself in my education.

I was no longer there just for a piece of paper; I was there to learn. I brushed off the attitude that I knew it all and started to truly join in and listen. I really struggled internally with some of the concepts, but I listened. I allowed myself to accept the ideas, theories and possibilities.

Flash forward to today. Since receiving my massage therapy license, I have now seen just under 200 clients and I’m barely wet behind the ears! I find that I have developed my own technique and style, and I’m sure it will continue to evolve.

I still think about all people I allowed into my life beyond that first handshake. I hear their ideas and the theories they spoke about in class: “If you find…, try…” The techniques I thought were weird or strange, I found that in the real world, they actually worked. The awesome continues to become “awesomer” and I mentally give these people high-fives every day.

I took the leap of faith in myself and went back to school to become a LMT. Globe University provides the tools, but it is up to each individual to listen and open your mind to the possibilities. Go beyond the handshake with those great people you meet. Hopefully they will become “awesomer” for you.