10 Reasons New Students Choose Globe University

It’s that time of the quarter, when Globe University welcomes new students during New Student Orientation. The event helps students feel well informed about each department on campus before they begin classes the following week.

Orientation traditionally is made up of a large group of new students who are all given the same presentation. The Globe University-Woodbury campus took a new approach by hosting an orientation that gives each student one-on-one attention with each department at the campus.

“Students are nervous enough before they start classes,” said Brian Saintey, director of admissions at the Globe University-Woodbury campus. “It’s our goal as a campus to ensure every new student that walks through our door is prepared and confident to start classes the following week. That is why we changed our orientation format to give every new student the one-on-one attention they deserve before they even step foot into a classroom.”

student orientation, Globe UniversityAs the campus filled with new students, the air filled with excitement. Students were asked what they were most excited about, and many said they were eager to start classes in order to begin their new careers.

“I’m very excited to start classes so I can learn more about the industry and more importantly start my future as a paralegal,” said Brittany Meade, paralegal student at Globe University-Woodbury. “I chose to attend Globe because it’s close to home, my sister loves it here and everyone has been amazingly helpful and invested here.”

During orientation, students were asked to fill out a survey about why they chose to attend the Globe University-Woodbury campus. Below are the top 10 reasons students shared:

10 Reasons New Students Choose Globe University-Woodbury:

  1. Small class sizes
  2. Close to home
  3. “High job placement in my program,” said Lance Frelix, business student.
  4. Very welcoming school
  5. Has a good reputation for my program
  6. Hands-on learning
  7. Job placement assistance. “I would like to build a strong portfolio and learn from experienced teachers who want to get me a job,” said Jeremy Skinner, interactive media and graphic design student.
  8. “Worked with me in transferring in credits toward my degree,” said Calvin Silberbauer, interactive media and graphic design student.
  9. Flexible scheduling  
  10. “After you graduate, a student can come back and take refresher courses,” said Chang Lee, information technology student.

“Overall, I am just excited about starting school at Globe because it will be a new education experience and it will better my future,” said Mitchell Wiedemar, architectural drafting student.

Welcome new students! The Globe University-Woodbury staff and faculty are excited to have you on campus fulfilling your dreams of starting your program that will help you start your future career.

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