5 Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day

As a Yellow Ribbon Campus, Globe University-Woodbury recognizes the importance of celebrating Memorial Day by honoring those who have served and currently serve our country. Therefore, the campus developed a list of ideas you and your family can do to celebrate Memorial Day.Memorial Day, Globe University

Ideas on How to Celebrate Memorial Day:

  1. Fly the American Flag. Fly your American flag at half-mast, a position that is reserved for when the country is in mourning. If you don’t have an American flag, wear your American spirit proudly. Badges, pins, shirts—make it a point to wear something that shows your patriotism.
  2. Visit a national cemetery. Consider bringing flowers to place on the graves of fallen heroes. Or, attend a memorial service. Fort Snelling National Cemetery (FSNC) in St. Paul has visitation hours on Memorial Day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  3. Remember our fallen heroes. Host a barbeque or picnic to tell stories about the wars and those who gave their lives to serve our country. Singing the Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful (just a couple suggestions) are great ways to reflect on what those heroes did for our country. Bring a patriotic themed dessert for fun.
  4. Send a care package to a soldier. Honor those who are currently risking their lives to serve our country. Operation Gratitude is a great organization that sends more than 100,000 care packages to deployed U.S. Service Members.
  5. Venture to a local parade or memorial service. Click here for a list of Memorial Day events in the Twin Cities.  

About Memorial Day:

Memorial Day is a celebration of remembrance for the brave service of men and women who gave their lives for their country. Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday in 1971. We now designate this day to remember loved ones who have passed on, as well as remembering our service men and women.

About Yellow Ribbon Campus:

Globe University-Woodbury was designated as a Yellow Ribbon Campus in 2010. The Yellow Ribbon Network in Woodbury, Minn., helps connect schools, local units of government, law enforcement, social services, churches, civic and volunteer organizations for the special needs of a military family during the deployment cycle.

The Woodbury campus has about 120 military students, including their family members. The campus has been especially active in supporting those students, veterans and their family members around the community, according to Mike Hughes, director of military student services at Globe University.

Happy Memorial Day from the Globe Unviersity-Woodbury campus!