8 Reasons Students Choose Globe University

College can be intimidating, whether you’re aiming for that advanced degree straight out of high school–or 15 years or more after high school. For this reason, we asked students in their Career Capstone class (which is completed within two quarters prior to graduation) to write a reflection paper on their experiences here at the Globe University-Woodbury campus.

Globe University

Globe University staff and students make thank-you cards to support our troops.

As a campus, we thought it was important to hear directly from students about their experience at Globe University-Woodbury. Here are eight of the most common reasons students enjoyed their time at our campus.

Top Eight Reasons:

1. Small Class Sizes: “I enjoyed the smaller class sizes,” said Cory Schultz, information technology student. “With fewer students, it’s easier to follow along and receive assistance if necessary. This allows the teachers to connect on a more personal level, which adds to the learning experience.”

2. Career Services: “It’s nice that my inbox is always full of job postings,” said Olivia Huso, interactive media and graphic design student. “It is good to know that they really care about getting me a job in my chosen career field.”

3. Caring Environment: “The school really cares about all of the students,” said Shawn Cross, business administration student. “Students are not treated like a number. When you walk into Globe University you are greeted by a staff member with a smile and call you by your first name.”

4. Building Confidence: “I built so much confidence in my classes, and now I walk in with a can-do attitude when I used to be nervous going to class,” said Briana Callais, veterinary technology student.

“My favorite part of being a student at Globe University was being able to get my confidence back as a student,” said Toni Wengronowitz, business management student.

5. Flexibility: “With a full and part-time job, I do value the flexibility of taking online classes,” said Hannah Voss, health care management student.

6. Transfer Credits: “I was very excited to learn that the credits I had earned from a previous college were able to transfer into my current program,” said Ellery Milne, business administration student.

7. The Campus: “Other than the outstanding instructors, I like how Globe University-Woodbury campus maintained its appearance,” said Huso. “The campus is modern and very clean.”

8. Overall Experience: “I feel prepared in my skills to accomplish great things in the world outside of Globe University. It will take a great deal of time to pay off my student loans, but I feel that I made a good choice in furthering my education at Globe University,” said Robert Olson, interactive media and graphic design student. Olson also commented on how he will be coming back to take refreshment courses throughout his career to maintain as well as grow his knowledge.

The Career Capstone course focuses on career exploration, job search tools and resources, and professionalism. Students develop career planning strategies in preparation for entering or advancing within their chosen career fields.

To learn more about the Globe University-Woodbury campus contact the admissions department to schedule a tour.