All Your Hard Work = Graduation

Graduation is a time to reflect on your journey at Globe University – Woodbury and celebrate how hard you worked to get to where you are. Many students are stressed out around mid-quarter and finals week, but all that stress and all those papers add up to one great moment…graduation.

Next time you are feeling that anxiety about that long paper or that test in your next class, just remember that all of that hard work and knowledge you are gaining is going to lead you to this day. To the day where you are going to put on that cap and gown and walk in front of your family, friends, instructors and staff that have helped you through the way to get you to where you are…graduation.

When you leave the ceremony and are all smiles with your family and friends you will see why you studied all those hours and drove through traffic after work to get to class. After this celebration when you get a job you will look back and think that this is what it was all about. Your future of a better career started when you walked in the doors of the Woodbury campus, but the journey is just beginning when you are a graduate from Globe University – Woodbury.

Check out the Spring 2011 graduates. Congratulations to you all…students, graduates and staff and faculty for helping these students start their successful futures.