APA Citation Help from the GU-Woodbury Campus Librarian

Helpful Hints: APA Citation

It’s that time of the quarter when papers are due, and that
APA citation is critical when writing college papers. I know this can seem
challenging and overwhelming, but I hope I can ease some of the fear and point
you toward success by following a few of my tips on APA citation below.

Tips on APA Citation:

  • Keep track of your sources by using a citation manager, I
    recommend Zotero. Visit the library website for more information.
  • Remember that every source must be cited twice, once in the
    text of your paper, and once on the reference page.
  • Use a guide to help with citing. You can use your APA
    citation pocket guide, that you may have purchased from the bookstore, you can
    use the library website, or you can find an internet source (I recommend OWL),
    but use something. This is a challenging task; use whatever resources you can
    to make it easier.
  • If you are struggling, make an appointment in the resource
    center or with the librarian to look over your citations. We are always happy
    to help!

The most important thing to remember is that while this can
seem overwhelming there is help available. Asking for help is part of the
academic process. The library, the resource center, your program chair,
instructors, and anyone in the Education department are all here to help you.
In addition, there are books, websites, and videos that are terrific tools to
assist in making you a more successful student!

Please feel free to contact if you need assistance at omoris@globeuniversity.edu.

Remember, each paper is one step closer to graduating and
working in your chosen career field!