Are You Taking Advantage of College Scholarships?

Since October 2012, the Globe University-Woodbury campus has awarded high school students with $13,000 in Director’s Academic Scholarships.

college scholarships“Scholarships are great ways to help support students in being able to afford college,” said Jill Garcia, Globe University-Woodbury financial aid manager. “The goal of the financial aid department is to help make higher education affordable and accessible to all. It was a pleasure to be able to award $13,000 of Director’s Academic Scholarships to students at the Woodbury campus.”

Garcia noted that she wished more students on campus would take advantage of the wide range of scholarships the campus offers.

Globe University offers a number of scholarship opportunities to help students defray the costs of education, including the Director’s Academic Scholarship. This scholarship gives high school students the opportunity to be awarded anywhere from $500 to $5,000 depending on their Career Programs Assessment Test (CPAt).

What is the CPAt?

The CPAt is a test that measures a student’s abilities in three areas: language, reading and numerical skills. The U.S. Department of Education has approved the CPAt for its ATB (ability to benefit) program, which provides financial and other aid to students who qualify.

Director’s Academic Scholarship Qualification Standards:

If you score

you will be awarded

160 – 169


170 – 179


180 – 189


190 – 199


200 – 202




Director’s Academic Scholarship Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. The applicant must be a current-year graduating senior.
  2. The applicant must take the test on one of the official testing dates published in the admissions department.
  3. A student can only take the test one time.
  4. A recipient will be notified of the award in writing within two weeks after testing.
  5. The student must enroll on or prior to the last testing date of the student’s senior year, but may take the test prior to enrolling.
  6. The student must apply for and begin classes during the summer of fall immediately following graduation from high school.
  7. Award amounts are designed for tuition only and are divided in 1/4 increments, unless the student is enrolled in a 3 quarter program, when the award amount will be awarded in 1/3 increments.
  8. All funds are paid directly to the college.
  9. The student must carry a minimum of nine credits per quarter and maintain satisfactory academic progress of the award will be forfeited from the time the student fails to do so.
  10. The award will be forfeited if attendance is discontinued or interrupted.

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