Chapter II: Admissions & Dean of Faculty Respond to Students’ Annual Survey

To illustrate Globe University-Woodbury campus’s “We Care” philosophy, we had the manager from each department answer a few of the responses received from the students on the Annual Survey. Today, the focus is on admissions and the faculty.


Sonia Sultan, Director of Admissions, Globe University-Woodbury

Responses by Sonia Sultan, Director of Admissions

“I wish I would’ve known that credits don’t transfer to other schools.”

Sultan’s Response: When a student fills out the application, an entire section is dedicated to informing the students that it is up to the receiving institution to accept credits from other institutions. As a college accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), we can never guarantee that other schools will take our credits.

“I wish my admissions representative would’ve made it more clear that I may need to take classes at other campuses, and/or online.”

Sultan’s Response: In a few of our programs, it is very likely a student may need to take classes at a location other than Woodbury. Our admissions representatives make it a point to explain to those students that they may need to go to another location or online in order to finish their program in a timely manner.

Common Response: Many students greatly appreciate their Admissions Representative keeping in touch with them and saying hi in the hallways. Other students stated they never heard from their admissions representative again after they started school.

Sultan’s Response: One of the new initiatives the admissions team is focusing on is to follow-up with students throughout their entire programs to ensure they are receiving quality education that will prepare them to work in their chosen career fields after graduation.  


Responses by Denise Radcliffe, Dean of Faculty

Denise Radcliffe, Dean of Faculty, Globe University-Woodbury

“The instructors at Globe are amazing. I rarely have an instructor that I do not like. My instructors have always answered my questions, available to help when needed, and have worked with me through any problems I have had.”

Radcliffe’s Response: High standards are set for every instructor Globe University hires to ensure our students are receiving quality education. Not only do they have to be an expert in the class they are teaching, but they need to have the passion for helping students succeed.

“I would say most of the instructors here are very knowledgeable and want students to succeed. They have real world experience and insight to give students. However, the problem with this is that these are not people with teaching degrees, so half the time instructors simply pull up a PowerPoint and read word for word.”

Radcliffe’s Response: This is an indicator that as a dean, I need to increase the amount of mentoring to the faculty that emphasizes quality teaching styles. As mentioned above, our instructors are hired because of their passion to teach students, which should be demonstrated in the classroom.

As mentioned in Chapter One: Q & A Dean of Students, the number one goal of Globe University-Woodbury campus is to deliver relevant, quality educational experiences that engage students and lead them to graduation and overall career success. That is why the Annual Survey is distributed, analyzed and responded to by the Campus Leadership Team (CLT).

Stay tuned for responses from Career Services and Student Services in Chapter III.