Chapter III: Career & Student Services Respond to Annual Survey

It’s Globe University-Woodbury campus’s goal to have a whole team supporting our students at every point in their education. That is why our Campus Leadership Team (CLT) made it a point to have each manager respond to our students’ thoughts, questions and concerns expressed on the Annual Survey.

The third and final chapter will focus on career services and student services.

Responses from Teresa Obinger, Director of Career Services

Globe University

Teresa Obinger, Director of Career Services

“As a student, I have not met with career services yet.”

Career Services offers a variety of opportunities to meet with students.

  • Every Wednesday morning during weeks two through 10 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the Student Commons is Coffee with Career Services. This gives students the opportunity to network and ask questions about finding an internship or job.
  • Career services is featured in Training with Treats throughout the quarter, which offers a variety of training on professional development, cover letters, resumes, and interview tips.
  • A career services team member works in the Resource Center at least once a week to help students with their studies as well as with cover letters, resumes etc.
  • Career Services is also available during office hours.

“The job leads career services sends out are not directly what I am looking for.”  

A career services team member sends out a weekly email featuring current and new job leads for a variety of different programs. The campus job board is also updated weekly with internships, volunteer opportunities, and job leads.  For more specific job leads, one-on-one appointments are welcome by contacting the career services department.

“I sent my resume to get edited by career services and I never received it back.”

Career Services will get back to students within 24 hours to ensure we have received it. If you have not heard from career services within 24 hours, please resend the email or contact the department to ensure we did receive it. It is our pleasure to edit/update resumes in order for our students to start their job search.

Student Services — Responses by the Education Department

Training with Treats should be offered during the evening for evening students and not just during the day.”

In the past, our campus has offered Training with Treats in the evening. However, nobody attended those sessions. If there is a certain Training with Treats you missed due to your schedule please contact the education department and we will point you in the right direction on who to contact.

“I don’t use the resources on campus.”

Even though you may not have had a use for the resources on campus, please know that they are here for you. We have a variety of tutoring options, including an online program called Smarthinking as well as the Resource Center that is staffed during campus hours.

It is our goal to support our students at every point in your time at our college. We will help you start in the right place, know where you are going, and make steady progress toward your goal. If you need something we haven’t listed below, be sure to ask.

  • Selecting the right career program
  • Housing, transportation and child care
  • Finding a job while you are a student and after you graduate
  • Registering for classes
  • Applying for credit for work experience and transfer work
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Special accommodations for active-duty military
  • Free tutoring from advanced students
  • Research and term papers
  • Getting involved in student life
  • Problems with an instructor
  • Tech support for online classes
  • Attendance issues

Thank you to the students at Globe University-Woodbury for participating in this year’s Annual Survey. We strive to grow and improve our campus so we can provide our students with the highest quality education and overall experience in hopes they find their dream career.

Please feel free to contact the Woodbury Campus Director, Lisa Palermo with questions or comments.