Flag at Half-Staff

A message from our very own (High-Five Tuesday) George Teagarden about the campuses new flag

The Globe University-Woodbury campus had a flag raising this Wednesday, unfortunately, I missed the activity. I glanced out of the window later on in the day and there it was at the front of the building just as proud and beautiful as it could possibly be. It couldn’t help but pull at your heart-strings because it was at half-mast.

When I see that I know another one of great soldiers have given their life for our country. I wonder about the children that have lost their dad and the parents that have lost their son or daughter. Given the fact that it is at half-mast is our way of saying thank you for the life you have given and we will always love and remember you for it, whoever you are.

When I first saw the flag there so proud, my first thought was to maybe write a brief story about the half-Staff history, but the more I thought about it, the real story is about the soldiers that have given their lives for our great country, remember they all chose to fight for us, they were not drafted so when we think about them remember the gift they have given to us and our country.

Bless them all each and every one especially when you see the beautiful flag at half-staff.


George Teagarden