Get to know the Globe University-Woodbury Campus Librarian!

Learn more about our campus librarian and how she can help you!

Hi! I’m Olivia Moris, the librarian at the Globe University-Woodbury campus. I’m going to be creating some regular posts here on the blog and I thought that I would start with a brief interview to help you get to know me better.

What do I do on campus?

Jumping right in, I work as a librarian. It is my job to help; students, faculty, and staff, in finding information. I received my Master’s degree in library science from the Catholic University in Washington DC in 2006. I worked in the Hennepin County public library system for two years and part-time as a reference librarian at Hamline University for four years. I started at Globe University-Woodbury campus in May of 2010. I regularly visit classrooms instructing students on the use of library resources. I’m the primary resource for students struggling with APA citation.

How can I help you?

Great question!

I can help you  find books, magazines, articles, videos, podcasts, blog posts, and websites; just about anything you’d need to research your paper or presentation. I can assist with basic writing strategies. I’ve helped students formulate a thesis, write an introductory paragraph, create in text-citations, format a reference page, and more. Did I mention that I am the on-campus APA citation expert?

I help instructors research or discuss lesson plans to ensure assignments are aligned with the resources we have available on campus. I can visit your class to discuss a variety of topics, including library resources, APA citation, academic honesty, research strategies, formulating a thesis and more! I’m also a great tool in connecting new instructors and students with the people on campus who can help.

My interests…

One of my hobbies is touring breweries. I’ve visited 14 breweries including the four largest in the United States, the oldest brewery in North America, and a brewery in the Czech Republic. When I travel, the first thing I look for is whether there is a local brewery I can tour. Also, one of my former jobs was the manager of a brewpub; this is a longstanding interest of mine.

How to contact me…

You will find me in the library throughout the week. Please feel free to stop by or email me at if you have any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to helping you make your education experience the best it can be. See you around campus!