Globe University Presents New Tiered Tuition Program

Higher credit load equals decreased tuition cost

Globe University-Woodbury is proud to present our new Tiered Tuition. What does Tiered Tuition mean? Tiered Tuition is if a student registers for 11 credits or more, that student’s tuition per credit hour decreases and also helps them to finish their degree sooner. Our campus recognizes our students are career-orientated and we understand how important their educational goals are and the investment they put into their futures.

“The new Tiered Tuition helps support students in achieving their goal to graduate faster with lower student debt,” said Globe University-Woodbury Campus Director, Lisa Palermo. “This is a tangible way to illustrate that we truly do care about our students and want them to be successful.”

Tuition cost is established based on operating expenses for our programs and schools continue to rise so unfortunately, this means Globe University is in position where we do have to raise the tuition to $460 per credit. Nevertheless, if a student takes 11 or more credits, all of their credits are billed at the $425 tier.

Studies show students that take higher credit loads have higher persistence and completion rates. Globe University has dedicated our Financial Aid and Academic Staff to help our students plan early, build confidence, and succeed long term.

Priority registration ends June 1, 2012. Contact Dean of Students, Brian Raiche: to register now. Classes are filling up!