Globe University’s Lisa Palermo Connects Campus and Commerce

Globe University-Woodbury Campus Director Lisa Palermo

Globe University-Woodbury Campus Director Lisa Palermo showcases Globe University’s “We Care” philosophy throughout the campus and the community.

Since becoming the campus director, Lisa has had the opportunity to serve on the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors where she was nominated earlier this year to sit as the Chamber’s Second Vice Chair, which places her in succession to become the Chair of the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce in 2017.

Along with sitting on the board, she was instrumental in developing the Chamber’s new Business Education Partnership Committee where she also sits as the Chair. This committee focuses on partnering business, education and community to collaborate on activities that equip learners for the ever-changing world.

“It is our goal to connect our chamber with the local community as much as possible, which entails working closely with business partners like Lisa who work in our community,” said President of the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce Barbara Tuccitto Warren.

Barbara continued by stating how thrilled the chamber is to have Lisa as involved as she is. “She is an instrumental asset to our board and committees.”

Lisa explains how our students come from the community and most likely will become employed in the community when they graduate. Therefore, volunteering her time within the community through the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce is a great way to demonstrate her commitment, and Globe’s commitment, to the successful economic future of Woodbury and the surrounding areas.