Graduates Shine with Honors at Graduation

On a hot summer evening in June, 35 Globe University-Woodbury graduates graced The Loft Stage at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minn., to accept their college degrees. Degrees ranging from business to veterinary technology were awarded that evening, and the students, staff and their families where treated with three great speakers—Mayor of Woodbury, Mary Giuliani Stephens, and graduates Kyle Lapean and Tara Hanson.

graduation, Globe University

Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens inspired at Globe University-Woodbury Spring 2013 Graduation

“I’m honored to be speaking at this year’s graduation ceremony,” said Stephens. “I was shocked at the amount of students who stood up denoting they had perfect attendance for at least one quarter or more throughout their education. Very impressive.”

Consistent attendance to classes is crucial to student success and future employment. Therefore, Globe University encourages perfect attendance with incentives. A student who achieves perfect attendance in a given quarter will receive a 20 percent discount on all textbooks bought through the university.

graduation, Globe University

Amber Conrade graduating with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Conrade also works at the Globe University-Woodbury campus as a career services coordinator.

Not only did a majority of these graduates receive perfect attendance in a given quarter, but an amazing 21 of 35 students graduated with Honors and/or Highest Honors.

In order to stress the importance of academic performance, Globe University also awards academic honor recognition quarterly to qualifying students. A student must achieve a quarterly grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or above to achieve the honors recognition, and a quarterly GPA of 4.0 to achieve highest honors.

List of Honors Graduates (Spring 2013):

  • Jose Amaya
  • Johanna Blum
  • Alicia Bradac
  • Amber Conrade
  • Mary Fenton
  • Sarah Fuentes Aguilar
  • Shannon Gardebrecht
  • Adam Kafka
  • Maegan Keil-Gerth
  • Kyle Lapean
  • Darren Lee
  • Stephanie McCutcheon
  • Kendra Riebe
  • Kenneth Riebe
  • Gordon Szyszko
  • Desiree Winchester
  • Jessica Woehrle
  • Matthew Wolf
  • Xong Xang
  • Dauna Zaudtke

Highest Honors Graduate (Spring 2013):

  • Carol Metzger

“Students work very hard to achieve an honors status both quarterly and for graduation,” said Brian Raiche, dean of students at Globe University-Woodbury. “It is the staff and faculty’s goal to support and encourage our students to be the best students they can be so they can work in their chosen career fields as soon as they graduate.”

Congratulations Spring 2013 graduates!