Highlighting Globe University Program Chairs: Jennifer Larson, Medical Assisting Program Chair

For the next several weeks, we will be spotlighting individual programs by running an interview with the program chair. This is a fantastic way to get to know the academic leaders on our campus and to learn more information about our programs.

We begin with Medical Assisting (MA) Program Chair, Jennifer Larson. Jennifer received her diploma and associate’s in medical assisting from Globe University, and is now working on her bachelor’s in health care management.

In addition to her education, Jennifer has years of practical experience as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), working in family practice, pediatrics, OB/GYN, dermatology, urgent care, general surgery, and immunotherapy. She brings this experience to the classroom every day, along with her energy, ambition, and drive to make students successful.  

Her lifelong goal of is to go skydiving, even though she is afraid of heights. That willingness to overcome obstacles is what helps her lead such a successful program. The medical assisting program (which includes a focus in Medical Administrative Assisting or the Health Care Management degree) program is the largest program on campus with 119 students enrolled for the spring quarter.

A CMA can most often be found working in a clinic; helping with everything from coding and billing to handling patient records, performing patient care, working in the lab or staffing the front desk.

The Medical Assisting program at Globe University has several exciting new projects in the works. One major focus for the upcoming quarter is a partnership with the City of Woodbury teaching Hands-Only CPR. Our medical assisting students are running Hands-Only CPR clinics at the Woodbury campus on April 20, May 11, and June 15.

To celebrate a successful community partnership, the Woodbury campuses medical assisting program will be hosting a Family and Community Appreciation Day on July 20. There will be several events happening on campus with families, students, staff, and community members welcome to attend.