How FaceTime Kept a Globe University Student in Class

Globe University-Woodbury student Michael Ceaglske had to drop out of his sociology class after the first week so he could stay home and take care of his mother who is suffering from dementia.

As a part of the class, the students were asked to sign up or use their Facebook accounts for a class project, which included Michael. After a week of tracking what the students were doing on Facebook, a student asked “whatever happened to Michael” on the feed. A conversation then started and another student posted how it would be great if Michael could use FaceTime® to participate in class. The students and instructor, Kristie Kellis, thought it was a great idea.

Michael began by writing the campus director, Lisa Palermo, asking if this was a possibility. After meeting with the campus director and the dean of students, Kelley Aliffi, they decided it would be okay to take this class using FaceTime.

“I was totally shocked and proud of my classmates and Globe for allowing me to do this,” said Michael.

He continued by commenting on how Kristie, his instructor, did a fabulous job on communication between each class session.

Thank You to Globe

“Thanks to the staff and faculty at Globe for allowing me to continue my education by being innovative and being able to use FaceTime,” said Michael. “It was a great learning experience for me.”

Globe University and the iPad®

Globe chose to incorporate the iPad into the classroom in order to transform how our students learn, engage, connect, apply, and eventually work in their chosen career field.