Internationally Recognized Speaker Visits the Woodbury Campus

Success Is a Conscious Choice

Have you ever wondered why your goals never quite turn into the reality you hoped for?  If that is what you are experiencing, there is a good chance you may be sabotaging your own success ─ even though that is not your intention.


By being in charge of your thought processes, success is well within your reach because you will make good choices at pivotal moments encountered each day.

Join Louise Griffith, an internationally-recognized speaker, psychologist and leadership coach, helps clients and workshop participants get clear about what they want – and achieve it. Supported by her spirited and practical guidance, clients and participants learn how to access their power, eliminate self-defeating behaviors, build on their strengths and tap into their passion.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3:00 p.m. in the Student Commons

In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Increase personal effectiveness and focus
  • Build stronger, more productive relationships
  • Live by choice rather than obligation
  • Be more authentic and success-oriented
  • Take action NOW!

As a result, you will experience more focus, consistency, control and momentum.

YOU have the power to create the right environment for your success.

Louise challenges her clients to explore how their thoughts impact their actions. The result? Better choices, improved communications, richer relationships, life-changing insights and increased success. Her clients include individuals, educational institutions, associations and companies who want MORE!