Mayor Giuliani Stephens Reflects on College with Globe University Grads


Mayor of Woodbury, Mary Giuliani Stephens

Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens will speak at Globe University-Woodbury campus’ upcoming graduation ceremony at 7:00 p.m. on  June 20 at The Loft Stage at East Ridge High School. Stephens will deliver her speech to approximately 35 students graduating this June.

“I’m honored to be speaking at this year’s graduation ceremony,” said Stephens. “As I reflect on my personal college experience, I know how special the day will be for the students and I’m excited to celebrate this tremendous achievement with them.”

Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens moved to Woodbury, Minn., more than 25 years ago with her husband, and they raised their two children (Jane and David).  Stephens is an attorney by trade, but her real passion is in public service. Prior to becoming the Mayor of Woodbury she was a member of the Woodbury City Council along with many other organizations that benefit the city of Woodbury.

According to Woodbury Magazine, Stephens is an up-and-comer on the local political scene and has made economic development by focusing on bringing good jobs to Woodbury.

Kyle Lapean, graduating with his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and Tara Hansen, graduating with her Associate in Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting, will also speak at graduation as the graduate speakers.

Spring 2013 Graduate List:

Jasmine Alsides

Johanna Blum

Alicia Bradac

Elizabeth Buda

Elizabeth Cohen

Amanda Didion

Mary Fenton

Charisse Fritz

Abigail Garcia-Almanzan

Shannon Gardebrecht

Tara Hansen

Adam Kafka

Sarah Kaszas

Kyle Lapean

Stephanie McCutcheon

Jamie McPherson

Carol Metzger

Emily Miller

Robert Olson

Jamie Panthera

Jacob Pfeffer

Ryan Rodlund

Diana Sneve

Gordon Szyszko

Amanda Thalhuber

Lou Thao

Nickolas Todd

Chad Tolzman

Toni Wengronowitz

Desiree Winchester

Rochelle Witzel

Jessica Woehrle

Matthew Wolf

MaiDoua Yang

Xong Yang

Dauna Zaudtke

Annia Zuniga



Congratulations to all of the upcoming graduates! Also, thank you to our speakers: Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens, Kyle Lapean, and Tara Hanson. Each of you is helping to make our graduation an inspiring success.