Medical Assistants: In Demand

Attention to all medical assisting (MA) students: Your job outlook is looking pretty good.

“The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projection shows that medical assisting will be one of the fastest growing professions through the year 2014,” according to an article from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Not only that, they are looking into broadening the range of job duties for MA’s.

One of the main areas the article discusses utilizing medical assistant’s is in ambulatory care. Medical assistants communicate to all types of patients. Communication along with all of the other skills that are taught in an accredited medical assisting program would make a medical assisting a “uniquely qualified” professional for this area and many other areas in health care.

“As a result of this extensive practical and theoretical training, the certified medical assistant (CMA) is uniquely qualified to “speak the patient’s language” and serve as the communication liaison between the busy physician and patients who are often afraid to ask questions,” according to New Roles for the Certified Medical Assistant to Enhance the Quality and Effectiveness of Care article published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management.

Medical assistants are trained to listen to the patient, both through words and body language. They are, after all, the “buffer” between the patient and physician. Often patients find it easier to talk more openly about their health concerns with the MA because they have already built that rapport with them. The article talks about how the medical assistants could be viewed more as “health coaches” to aide in giving instruction for what the physician prescribes to the patient.

Another place a medical assistant is valued is in a pediatric office. “Quality of personnel is an important factor in the success of a pediatric practice,” according to an article in AAMA titled The Certified Medical Assistant: An Invaluable Asset for the Pediatric Office. The article also discusses how CMA’s have proven to be some of the most versatile and effective staff members in the offices of pediatricians.

Medical assisting is a great career field for those that are looking to care for patients and work in diverse areas of the medical field. They are in demand in many areas of the medical field, and with the baby boomers hitting it is safe to say our medical assistants are going to be needed within this field.

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