More Public Transportation Coming to Woodbury?

Globe University – Woodbury is located off of Interstate 94, a major interstate for Minnesota and Wisconsin commuters. Public transportation for college students with a campus located right off of a major interstate should not be an issue. Unfortunately, transportation is one of the main obstacles holding motivated students back from starting classes. They don’t have luxury of driving to school right after or before work. They have to wait for the 8 a.m. bus and then again for the 5:30 p.m. bus, which doesn’t work for our type of working students.

Our school is designed to work with our students schedules. But, when they don’t have reliable public transportation it is hard for them to commit themselves to our programs when they just can’t get here. That is why the Gateway Corridor project is so exciting for Woodbury.

The Gateway Corridor project is a new initiative that the City of Woodbury has been working on to open more transit options for the Woodbury area.

“We rode everywhere in Chicago and that is the way it should be,” said Joe Weyer, resident of Woodbury in an article about the Gateway Corridor in the Woodbury Patch. “Public transportation is a much more efficient way of moving people,” he said, adding that he would like to see light rail come through Woodbury.

Adding more efficient public transportation for our students in Woodbury would enable more students opportunities to travel outside of Woodbury for internships and jobs, and more importantly allow those students that are transportation deprived a chance to pursue their dreams and go back to school to further their careers.

To read more about the Gateway Corridor follow the stories on the Woodbury Patch.