Nonprofit Canvas Health Recognizes University’s Generosity

Globe University-Woodbury will be recognized by Canvas Health as a Living Heritage Tree donor for the generous contributions the campus has made throughout the years. The Living Heritage Tree is a beautiful sculpture in the main entrance of the Canvas Health building. An engraved copper leaf with Globe University-Woodbury’s name on it will be placed on the tree.

In the past, the campus has sponsored local golf tournaments for Canvas Health. The contributions our campus has made go toward the organization’s mission to help children, adolescents, adults and families who struggle with mental health, chemical health, and domestic and sexual abuse.

Creating partnerships, such as with Globe University, are crucial to the success of Canvas Health’s work, which requires the involvement and generosity of so many in the community. Contributions of time, talent or treasure are invaluable to the organization, according to Canvas Health.

Canvas Health Statistics 2011:

  • Serves more than 8,400 clients annually.
  • Gave a total of 668 children support and treatment to help them deal with mental and behavioral issues through case management, school based support, early childhood, and in-home services.
  • Answered more than 44,200 calls on their Crisis Connection hotline from people struggling with a mental health emergency.
  • Provided service to 751 people through their Emergency Services Program.
  • Saw 2,029 adults, children, and families affected by mental illness or emotional disturbance through our outpatient counseling program.
  • Provided 40,000 rides to 1,743 people who relied on their transportation program to stay active members within their community.
  • Conducted presentations on bullying and abuse through their Community Education program, reaching over 9,000 participants.

“Canvas Health is an inspiring organization that does great things for those suffering in our community,” said Lisa Palermo, GLobe University-Woodbury campus director. “We love to support local organizations that can help children, adolescents, adults and families. As a college I believe it is part of our civic duty to support those in our community who need our help.”

Globe University-Woodbury will also be recognized at the Canvas Health holiday party this year as a Living Heritage Tree Donor.

“It is my goal to ensure our partnership with Canvas Health continues by donating to future events to help contribute to their outstanding work,” Palermo said.

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