Now Enrolling for Animal & Equine Science Degree

Globe University-Woodbury is now enrolling for the Associate in Applied Science degree in animal and equine science . This program covers everything you need to know about horses and other large agriculture animals. This new program is not like the veterinary technology program that focuses on clinical studies, according to Dr. Brian Hoefs, program chair for the school’s emerging animal and equine science program.

Equine science degree“The animal and equine science program focuses on the business and production side of animal agriculture,” said Hoefs. “The design of the curriculum is to provide an entry into agricultural careers with animal focuses.”

Career Opportunities:

  • Animal trainer, exhibitor or breeder
  • Agriculture appraiser or consultant
  • Animal behaviorist or animal behavior specialist
  • Feedlot manager
  • Nutritionist
  • Research assistant or technician
  • Animal care or quality assurance specialist
  • Food safety inspector
  • Careers in animal science are on the rise

“The number of animal care jobs is expected to grow 23 percent by 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,” said Hoefs.

animal and equine scienceGoals of the Program:

  • Ability to explain key agriculture business operations.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of essential farm and ranch animal science topics.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the following equine areas: horsemanship and basic equine care and training.
  • Recognize functional and nonfunctional farm/ranch animal reproductive performance.
  • Ability to assess critical contemporary issues that impact a range of agriculture: animal/equine industries.
  • Demonstrate appropriate written and verbal communication skills.
  • Evaluate the quality of multiple viewpoints, arguments, and evidence as well as distinguish between fact and opinion.
  • Exhibit social responsibility and examine the diverse cultures and value systems of our global community.

According to Hoefs, the skills that students need to support ranch, farm and other agriculture operations can be learned in this feature-rich degree program. Students will learn to master horsemanship (riding, managing and training horses), horse care and the business and science sides of animal studies.

Globe University-Woodbury is now enrolling for the animal & equine science degree for the Early Fall quarter beginning July, 15, 2013. Contact the admissions department to learn more about the program and tour the campus.