Perfect Attendance is Possible – And Pays Off

Whether you are a student or a CEO of a company, attendance is very important to ensure success in your personal and professional life. Attendance and active participation in the classroom are critical for learning new skills, techniques and the overall program at Globe University-Woodbury. Therefore, students are expected to be present and on time for all classes. Yes, we realize this is a tall order and it is hard for all students to do, but it is possible. Below is a list of students who had PERFECT attendance for the Winter 2013 quarter.

Congratulations to the following students:

Aaron Hudson

Abby Reeves

Abigail Garcia-Almanzan

Adam Kafka

Alexandra Dumond

Alisha Bean

Allyson Pritchett

Alyssa Tossey

Amanda Didion

Amy Germain

Amy Krueger

Amy Thorne

Angela Lawson

Angela Logwood

Angela Simpson

Ania Penia

Annia Zuniga

Ariane Hasselbring

Ashley Kavitz

Ashley Melland

Bairlies Chea

Becky Dailey

Beth Voss

Charisse Fritz

Charlene Prior

Christina Larson

Christine Hedtke

Christine Mork

Christine Severance

Collin Ivy

Courtney Eha

Crystal Ruff

Dain Skoog

Dauna Zaudtke

David Wirth

Dawud Osborne

Deborah Mosner

Deena Damico

Denise Hess

Diana Sneve

Donna Schoon

Ellery Milne

Georgia Kruse

Gordon Szyszko

Hannah Osorio

Hannah Voss

Heather Blake

Holly Darling

Holly Thomas

Isabella Lee

Israel Coleman

Jacob Hagen

Jacque Fagnan

Jacquelyn Crudo

Jacquelynn Colling

Jamie Panthera

Janene Thompson

Jared Morisset

Jay Iversen

Jeffrey Kay

Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey Waldeland

Jennifer Ortega

Jennifer Werdan

Jessica Birkholz

Jessica Derbick

Jessica McCoy

Jessica Pudil

Jessica Tolve

Julia Posterick

Julie Krinke

Karen Rieger

Katherine Madigan

Kaylie Hensley

Kelsey Andrews

Kendra Harris

Kevin Higgin

Kia Moua

Krista Wendt

Kristin Weaver

Lacie Gordon

Lashaina Jones



Leah Hillesheim

Lesa Kusilek

Lisa Mershon

Lonni Mooreland

Lori Gravlin

MaiDoua Yang

Marquisha Wiley

Melinda Pagel

Melissa Calverley

Michael Ceaglske

Michael Palmer

Molly Kruse

Nicole Holmquist

Nicole Kleinendorst

Nikki Klein

Nula Watson

Paul Smith

Phillip Gergen

Quinn Knudson

Robyn Munson

Rocheller Riles

Saliha Mohamed

Samuel Krawetz

Sandy Snyder

Sara Schulenberg

Sarah Kaszas

Shaina Nabbefeld

Shawn Cross

Shawn Houle

Sheryl Evgen

Stacy Bokelheide

Susan Holm

Susan Johnson

Tanya Garfield

Tegan Vorpagel

Veda Thao

Xai Yang

Xong Yang

To achieve perfect attendance for residential courses, students are required to attend every class period for the entire length of the class. To achieve perfect attendance for online classes, students are required to meet the discussion board deadlines on BlackBoard (posting on two separate days) and expectations each week (Monday through Sunday), for the entire quarter.

Students who receive perfect attendance in a given quarter will receive a 20 percent discount on all textbooks bought through Globe University’s network of schools. See the Student Handbook for more information.

Congratulations students!