Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a College Degree

Going back to school has a bittersweet ring to it for most people.  While it’s exciting to start this new journey to finding a dream career, the unknown of new systems, technologies, and time management may spark some trepidation. For this reason, the Globe University-Woodbury admissions team proactively works toward easing those nerves by providing as much information up front as possible.One-on-one meeting with a potential student

When a potential student is interested in a program at Globe University the admissions team invites that person in for detailed meeting.  There they discuss everything there is to know about the campus and the program that student may be interested in.

“Potential students should be asking the following questions about any program they are interested in.  They need to be able to make a well informed decision about not only the program, but the institution they are choosing to invest their future education with,” said Globe University-Woodbury Director of Admissions, Brian Saintey. “It’s our department’s goal to ensure students are choosing the right education path.”

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Degree:

  1. Does this career field fit my personality?
  2. What is the employment and salary outlook for this field?
  3. How long until I am job-ready?
  4. How do I know I am ready for these college classes?
  5. What is the ratio of lecture to hands-on experience?
  6. What are the job placement rates for this program?
  7. What kind of experience does the faculty have in this field?
  8. Can I build on this degree in the future?
  9. Are there internships or other field experiences offered throughout this program?
  10. Will I receive a professional skill-set marketable to employers in my chosen career field?

“These are great questions for anyone looking to go back to school and it’s our goal as an admissions department to answer these questions and more when we meet with potential students” comments Saintey.

Do you have any questions for our admissions department? Contact the Globe University-Woodbury campus at 651-730-5100.