Walking for a World Without Breast Cancer

TogKatie Bahr, Globe University-Woodbury Student Services Coordinatorether, the Globe University-Woodbury campus and the Minnesota School of Business-Richfield campus raised more than $1,000 for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In the middle of September each year the campuses host small events and put out a jar to help raise money for the walk in October.

“It was a joy to participate in the walk again this year and fun to team up with the Woodbury campus,” said Minnesota School of Business-Richfield Campus Director, Stacy Severson. “This experience was a great way to set an example for our kids by teaching them the importance of getting involved for a good cause. As a mom and director of a college it is my goal to teach that together, we can make a difference.”

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk is an inspiring opportunity to unite as a community to honor breast cancer survivors, raise awareness and money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with breast cancer research.

Participating in Making Strides helps give our campuses the power to make a real difference. Not only is this cause helping those who are currently fighting the disease, but it’s helping everyone who hopes to never hear the words “You have breast cancer.”

“We look forward to walking next year and raising more money for this cause,” said Globe University-Woodbury Campus Director, Lisa Palermo. “Those extra few dollars donated along with volunteering a few hours of your day is worth helping bring a lifetime of change for people facing breast cancer and their loved ones.”