What Does It Take for 100+ Students to Earn Perfect Attendance?

It is a difficult task to achieve perfect attendance in college, your job or any social function. However, students at the Globe University-Woodbury campus take on this challenge every quarter, and to our surprise and delight, a good portion of them achieve this high task of perfect attendance.perfect attendance, Globe University-Woodbury

In order to achieve perfect attendance at Globe University, a student must be present for the full length of every class period for which the student is registered for the entire length of the quarter. Perfect attendance for online courses is defined as meeting the discussion board deadlines and expectations each week (Monday through Sunday), according to Globe University’s Student Handbook.

“It’s a great feeling knowing I didn’t miss a single day of class and also didn’t miss out on anything of importance during any of my classes,” said Seth Dixon, Globe University-Woodbury student and perfect attendance recipient in the engineering drafting and design program. “Getting into the habit of having perfect attendance at school is very crucial to your success because it guarantees you get the most out of your education. It also shows future employers that they can depend on you to show up every day.”

Spring 2013 Perfect Attendance List:

Antoinette Akers Rebecca Allyn Sherrelle Anderson Brittany Andrew
Kelsey Andrews Ashley Arnt Alisha Bilek Johanna Blum
Amanda Bolz Courtney Books Christopher Brimmer Nicholas Burrows
Briana Callais Morgan Celt Bairlies Chea Cynthia Choate
Nick Christy Elizabeth Cohen Amanda Didion Seth Dixon
David Eichler Jacque Fagnan Theresa Faustini Mary Fenton
Tammy Fischer Pamela Freeman Vitaliy Frolov Abigail Garcia-Almanzan
Tanya Garfield Phillip Gergen Amy Germain Jessica Gould
Miranda Grode Tara Hansen Angela Hed Xong Her
Denise Hess Michael Holm Shawn Houle Sawyer Imrie
Cassandra Jessee-Horton Susan Johnson Anthony Kamara Sarah Kaszas
Jeffrey Kay Tina Keyport Nicole Kleinendorst Anne Kleinschmidt
Steven Knutson Samantha Koss Amy Krueger John Kuranda
Lesa Kusilek Hailey Lanning Anthony Lecy Jessie Lee
Samantha Lee Angela Logwood Katherine Madigan Jessica McCoy
Angela McGee Kristina McMahon Shawn McWhorter Katrina Meade
Carol Metzger Emily Miller Jared Morisset Christine Mork
Deborah Mosner Shaina Nabbefeld Jeffrey Nelson Jamie Panthera
Allyson Pritchett Jessica Pudil Amelia Ramos Abby Reeves
Steven Rikess Brittany Rothgarn Sara Schulenberg John Schultz
Kevin Schwarzbauer Craig Shirley Angela Simpson Paul Smith
Tammara Smith Diana Sneve Elizabeth Staples Nicholas Taylor
Holly Thomas Janene Thompson Amy Thorne Jessica Tolve
Amy Vincent Kristin Weaver Krista Wendt Toni Wengronowitz
Jennifer Werdan Marquisha Wiley Christy Williams Felicia Wisniewski
Rochelle Witzel Jessica Woehrle Lucy Yang Xong Yang

“I was shocked at the amount of students who stood up denoting they had perfect attendance for at least one quarter or more throughout their education. Very impressive,” said Mayor of Woodbury, Mary Guiliani Stephens, in response to the number of graduates who stood up at the recent graduation to represent they have received perfect attendance in one or more quarters throughout their education at Globe University-Woodbury.

Congratulations to all of the students who received perfect attendance this last quarter!