What is Thai Massage?

The massage therapy students at Globe University – Woodbury campus learn a wide variety of massages. There’s the typical Swedish and deep tissue, but heads turn when a student mentions Thai massage.

A Thai massage is a holistic practice originating from the oriental bodywork family. The students use a variety of pressing techniques that include gentle rocking, muscle massage incorporated with various yoga-like stretches that relieves body stiffness while enhancing flexibility.

This style of massage provides a sublimely rhythmical workout that balances the body’s need for stretching and movement thought a massage session. The goal of these massages is to alleviate stress while giving a relaxing workout that stretches the muscles. Now, how many of us would like someone to move our bodies for us for our workout?

Thai massage is a great skill-set for our students to take with them when they graduate. Knowing a variety of techniques, like those in Thai massage, will enable our students to market themselves to a wider range of clinics. Our goal is to give our students the tools needed to be ideal candidate for employers in their career fields.

To learn more about the types of massages we teach please feel free contact Kelley Aliffi, Globe University – Woodbury campus’s Massage Therapy Program Chair.