Why We Open Our Doors to the Community

Throughout the year the Globe University-Woodbury campus is busy bridging higher education with the local community by opening our doors to businesses and organizations for tours, room rentals, campus visits and more. The campus’s overall goal of inviting the community on campus is to help change lives by connecting with the local community and together transforming the landscape of education.

Globe University-Woodbury

Tom Hakko, business instructor at the Globe University-Woodbury campus, talks to students.

In October alone, our campus hosted more than 450 students from East Ridge High School, in Woodbury, Minn., for a College and Career Readiness Day as well as two more college visits that brought more than 100 students from Lake Middle School, in Woodbury, Minn.

“The students had an extremely engaging and valuable experience in which they chose from 16 different topics and attended speakers stretched across the five pillar areas of College and Career Readiness (Personal/Social, Admissions, Career, Financial, and Academic),” said Shannon Smith, school counselor East Ridge High School.

As a campus, we realize that sometimes school visits of these sizes in the recent months could be felt as disruptive to our current students, especially when there is lunch being served to our visitors in our Student Commons, but as students and staff it is important to realize that opening the doors to the community helps build and shape tomorrow’s workforce. Together, we are making a positive impact on our community, our students and our world.

With that being said, Globe University-Woodbury’s Campus Director, Lisa Palermo, would like to thank the Globe students for graciously opening their campus doors up to the community by temporarily relocated for their regular study time and from now on will be ordering pizza for not only our guests, but the Globe students as well.

Globe Community Engagement Fun Facts:  (According to Globe Education Network’s (GEN) Community Responsibility Report 2011-2012)

  • Invested 33,819 volunteer hours
  • Supported 125 organizations on GEN’s Annual Community Service Day
  • Particpated in 4,675 community events
  • Formed 30 Business Alliance Partnerships
  • 3,788 employers have registered on GEN’s employer website since 2007.
  • Hosted more than 17 campus legislator visits
  • Nearly 1,000 students and 60 staff attend Hill Day events

Serving and engaging with communities is the cornerstone of Globe’s “We Care” philosophy. That’s why we strive to use our resources to help address community needs.