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Quick Facts

Total Program Credits:
135 Credits*
*54 must be earned from an MBA program meeting the criteria outlined in the Globe University catalog prior to admission into the DBA program.

Program Length:
8 quarters full time after MBA completed
24 months with year-round classes

Employment Rate:
No data available

Salary Range:
No data available

You can further develop your business acumen and bolster your résumé with Globe University’s Doctor of Business Administration degree.

Our doctoral program can help open the door to executive management positions and prepare you to navigate the 21st century business world.

Globe University’s Doctor of Business Administration degree—the highest business/management degree we offer—helps provide graduates with the opportunity to create evidence-based business models, strategies and solutions to management dilemmas. 

DBA program highlights:

  • Apply management practices immediately in your workplace
  • Expert-driven business administration courses
  • Develop real-world applications for your specific industry
  • Earn your degree in as few as two years
  • Receive ongoing career support 

Our Doctor of Business Administration program focuses on advanced concepts and contemporary applications of management practices.

Topics of study include:

  • Ethics of 21st century leadership
  • Management models
  • Organizational development
  • Global workplace initiatives
  • Strategic planning
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Research applications in the workplace

Our dynamic courses enable MBA-prepared professionals to build business expertise and workplace experience at the same time.

Globe University’s Doctor of Business Administration degree can help graduates:

  • Create strategies that solve complex challenges
  • Formulate effective communication plans
  • Integrate business solutions in a global environment
  • Gain the skills needed for corporate advancement or entrepreneurship
  • Present your business solution as part of your final project   

Throughout your studies in our Doctor of Business Administration program, you’ll meet regularly with a graduate faculty advisor who will guide and support you every step of the way.

Globe University’s Doctor of Business Administration program is offered at our downtown Minneapolis campus. For more information, call 1-877-303-6060 or contact college admissions. (Note: The doctoral program is ineligible for federal financial aid, per the Title IV section of the Higher Education Act.) 

  • Management Models for the 21st Century Workforce

    Students will compare and contrast successful management models presented in case studies for a range of industries. Working in teams, students will create management models as adaptations of a successful model or several principles. They will also construct simulations based on the teams' models.

    Organizational Development and Strategic Planning

    Students will examine how an organization's culture and its evolution affect its development, operations and productivity. They will review case studies that exemplify static versus dynamic environments, and then evaluate the relevance of strategic planning on high-functioning organizations and change management.

    Applications of Global Workforce Initiatives

    In collaboration with their workplace/professional mentor, students will identify an effect of the emerging global workforce on a specific aspect of their organization's performance/productivity. They will create a research-based strategy to maximize a positive effect, or to minimize a challenging effect, of the global workforce on this specific aspect of the business.

    Strategic Planning Applications

    Students will develop, or adapt, a research tool to improve an element of strategic planning within their organization. Working from the perspective of a participatory researcher, students will conduct an activity to use the research tool. Then, they will analyze the outcome(s) of the activity and the researcher's objectivity while conducting and reporting the results of the activity.

    Ethics of 21st Century Leadership

    Students analyze the implications and impact of ethics on leaders of various organizations. Methods include simulations and case study analyses to identify ethical management practices and evaluate them within the context of contemporary moral concerns for a range of cultural constructs. Students will also compare transformational leadership to traditional leadership.

  • The Doctor of Business Administration is a new program. Employer and salary information will be available after students have completed the program.