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Quick Facts

Total Program Credits:
54 Credits

Transfer Credits:
Transfer in up to 50% of the program
*Prior learning and work experience may count toward program credit

Program Length:
6 quarters full time
18 months with year-round classes

Employment Rate:
82% for 2012 - 2013
*Employment rate is for the Master's degree programs in Business Administration/Health Fitness Management/Management

Salary Range:
Full-time $24,000 - $79,992

Financial managers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the accounts and financial health of a company. They work to create a scheme that stabilizes the assets of the firm. 

Since cash flow is always a concern, an MBA with and emphasis in finance has grown in popularity the past few years.

Our MBA program with an emphasis in finance is a degree for those working in the financial sector looking for continued education related to financial institutions, investments, capital markets and business finance.  

MBA finance emphasis highlights:

  • Learn skills you can apply in your current position
  • Focus on one class at a time
  • Network with other students in your field
  • Career assistance available
  • Online classes available 

Students take emphasis classes, including:

  • Financial Data/Statistics Management
  • Investment Portfolios
  • Case Studies in Financial Analysis
  • Fiscal Resources Management 

If you have questions about the MBA degree program, career opportunities in finance, or Globe University, please request information or call 1-877-303-6060 to speak with a representative.

Financial Data/Statistics Management

In this course students learn information technology solutions used to manage financial data/statistics and their applications. Research topics include qualitative and quantitative approaches, validity and reliability testing and related practices.

Investment Portfolios: Forecasting and Accountability

Students will review principles of investment used to develop financial plans for individuals and businesses. Through analysis of financial forecasting, students will be prepared to create limited risk solutions. They will also examine the accountability of financial managers to their clients.

Case Studies in Financial Analysis

This course focuses on the examination of contemporary case studies where financial solutions were developed for private and public, mid-size companies. They will analyze the effectiveness of the solutions and work in teams to evaluate simulated outcomes created by changing several key variables.

Case Studies in Business Ethics and Law

In this course student work in teams to study challenges facing business leaders regarding their responsibilities to employees, society and the regulatory systems that enforces those principles. Team members examine published cases and reach plausible solutions.  

An MBA with an emphasis in finance can open the doors to career advancement. Some possible job titles are:

  • Financial analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Financial examiner
  • Securities, commodities, and financial services agents
  • Risk and insurance manager
  • Investment banker
  • Management consultant
  • Credit specialist
  • Stock broker