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Master's Degree in finance
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Quick Facts

Total Program Credits:
54 Credits

Transfer Credits:
Transfer in up to 50% of the program
*Prior learning and work experience may count toward program credit

Program Length:
6 quarters full time
18 months with year-round classes

Employment Rate:
82% for 2012 - 2013
*Employment rate is for the Master's degree programs in Business Administration/Health Fitness Management/Management

Salary Range:
Full-time $24,000 - $79,992

Financial managers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the accounts and financial health of a company. They work to create a scheme that stabilizes the assets of the firm. 

Since cash flow is always a concern, an MBA with and emphasis in finance has grown in popularity the past few years.

Our MBA program with an emphasis in finance is a degree for those working in the financial sector looking for continued education related to financial institutions, investments, capital markets and business finance.  

MBA finance emphasis highlights:

  • Learn skills you can apply in your current position
  • Focus on one class at a time
  • Network with other students in your field
  • Career assistance available
  • Online classes available 

Students take emphasis classes, including:

  • Financial Data/Statistics Management
  • Investment Portfolios
  • Case Studies in Financial Analysis
  • Fiscal Resources Management 

If you have questions about the MBA degree program, career opportunities in finance, or Globe University, please request information or call 1-877-303-6060 to speak with a representative.

  • Fiscal Resources: Impact on Management

    This course is for the graduate student who does not have an accounting or finance background. It focuses on fundamental financial and accounting concepts. Studies in fiscal resource management emphasize the interpretation of financial statements and ways in which cost management influences various aspects of a business. Material is presented from a general manager’s perspective. Students investigate the development of financial plans and investment strategies, and how those processes influence management decisions.

    Management Control and Auditing

    In this course, students will study management auditing and control systems in business. Topics include the use of internal controls and management policies and measuring and evaluating performance. Students examine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance issues for business.

    Sales and Account Management

    Students will investigate strategies for planning and managing sales accounts. Topics include budgets, sales forecasts and account management of projects, individual assignments and sales and marketing departments within businesses. Examination will include management of sales and accounts for marketing firms.

    Human Capital: Two-Sided Accountability

    This course provides an in-depth examination of measurement of human capital based on a non-linear, integrated approach, accounting for elements that balance ROI metrics with qualitative assessment. Studies emphasize the alignment of employee performance with improved recruitment; training and development and retention practices; the relationship of human resources and organizational development and the balance of human capital investments and accountability.

    Quality Control: Systems and Accountability

    Students will analyze control systems for quality assurance throughout all operational phases within a range of industries. By examining project management concepts throughout the life cycle of an operation, students will prepare to design quality control solutions to reflect management accountability across all phases of a process. This will also explore the impact of intra- and inter-departmental collaboration.

  • Earning an MBA can open up opportunities for your future. Some potential job titles include:

    1. Business manager
    2. Marketing analyst
    3. Account manager
    4. Market researcher
    5. Sales manager
    6. Financial analyst
    7. HR manager