MBA: Human Resource Management

Be the Point of Contact for Personnel

Use your MBA Human Resources emphasis to oversee business policies with confidence and compassion.

MBA Human Resource Management
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Quick Facts

Total Program Credits:
54 Credits

Transfer Credits:
Transfer in up to 50% of the program
*Prior learning and work experience may count toward program credit

Program Length:
6 quarters full time
18 months with year-round classes

Employment Rate:
82% for 2012 - 2013
*Employment rate is for the Master's degree programs in Business Administration/Health Fitness Management/Management

Salary Range:
Full-time $24,000 - $79,992

Build your leadership and organizational skills so you can move into positions managing a team and handling difficult personnel decisions. Be prepared for the range of personnel situations and issues that arise in the workplace. 

As industries continue to grow and expand, educated and skilled professionals will be needed to take leadership positions. An MBA with an emphasis in human resources will open management job opportunities.

Our MBA graduates will have the confidence to identify, assess and address workplace situations in an effective manner. Students in the Human Resource emphasis will focus on things like: legal issues in the workplace, employee insurance and benefits, and ethical considerations of business organizations.  

MBA human resources emphasis highlights: 

  • Recruiting and hiring employees
  • Handling position alignment within the organization
  • Overseeing compensation and budgeting
  • Creating strategic policies and plans for the organization

Students take emphasis classes, including:

  • Human Capital: Two-Sided Accountability
  • Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy
  • Case Studies in Human Resource Management
  • Legal Information Management 
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Human Capital: Two-Sided Accountability

This course provides an in-depth examination of measurement of human capital, accounting for elements that balance ROI metrics with qualitative assessments. Studies emphasize the alignment of employee performance with improved recruitment, training, development and retention practices as well as the relationship of human resources and organizational development.

Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy

Student explores the political context of business. Topics include contemporary theories of control, motivation and persuasive communications. Through the lens of behavioral and human psychological theories, students examine the role and responsibility of the business leader in relation to employee and peer self-efficacy, group dynamics and workplace culture.

Case Studies in Human Resource Management

Through collaboration with peers, students formulate innovative solutions in response to case histories of multi-level human resource management issues, including hiring, bargaining, employee training and professional development. In final analyses teams recommend effective practices for human resource aspects of organizational planning.

Legal Information Management

In this course students learn the importance of managing legal information and research in today’s dynamic business environment. Students investigate the impact of information technology on legal research systems and accessibility to legal information. They review management theories, practices and IT systems that influence the flow of legal information. Course emphasizes management of legal information and the legal implications of using new technologies. 

An MBA with an emphasis in human resources can open the doors to career advancement. Some possible job titles are:

  • HR manager
  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • Human resources specialists
  • Benefits manager
  • Training and development manager