MBA: Public Administration

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Learn the skills needed to make a difference in public service.

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Quick Facts

Total Program Credits:
54 Credits

Transfer Credits:
Transfer in up to 50% of the program
*Prior learning and work experience may count toward program credit

Program Length:
6 quarters full time
18 months with year-round classes

Employment Rate:
82% for 2012 - 2013
*Employment rate is for the Master's degree programs in Business Administration/Health Fitness Management/Management

Salary Range:
Full-time $24,000 - $79,992

Advance your career working in government, nongovernmental organizations and the nonprofit sector with a master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in public administration.

Learn how public organizations make policy and implement programs to help build and strengthen our communities and society. Gain an understanding of the social issues we face and how to facilitate change through government and public systems.  

MBA public administration emphasis highlights: 

  • Focus on one course at a time to fit into your busy schedule
  • Gain practical skills you can apply immediately
  • Small class sizes allow individual attention
  • Can be completed in 18 months of full-time, year-round classes

Students take emphasis classes, including:

  • Public Policy Administration and Accountability
  • Case Studies in Public Administration
  • Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy
  • Legal Information Management 

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  • Public Policy Administration and Accountability

    Students will examine administrative principles used to create organizational structure for public policies. By analyzing public and government environments, students will prepare to maximize performance and functionality of an organization within the scope of public accountability.

    Case Studies in Public Administration

    In this course students research contemporary case studies to identify the success of solutions developed for government organizations. Students also evaluate future implications of the solutions. Student teams will assess simulated outcomes created by changing several key variables including a range of political and social factors.

    Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy

    This course explores the political context of business, an arena in which leadership qualities define powerful managers. Topics include contemporary theories of control, motivation and persuasive communications, and how to successfully put those theories into practice in diverse work environments. Students research attributes of local, regional, national and international business leaders and analyze their commonalities and distinguishing characteristics. Through the lens of behavioral and human psychological theories, students examine the role and responsibilities of the business leader in relation to employee and peer self-efficacy, group dynamics and workplace culture.

    Legal Information Management

    This course examines management of legal information and research in today’s dynamic business environment. Students investigate the impact of information technology on legal research systems and accessibility to legal information. They then review contemporary management theories, practices and information technology systems that influence the flow of legal information. The course emphasizes management of legal information and the legal implications of using new technologies.

  • An MBA with an emphasis in public administration can open doors for a career as:

    1. Nonprofit manager
    2. Management specialist
    3. Community planner
    4. Marketing manager
    5. Community manager