Business Administration Careers

Careers with a business administration degree

A business administration degree opens the door to a variety of career opportunities. Business skills are valued in all industries and at all levels. Entry-level positions such as an administrative assistant can turn into a higher level position with more education and experience. Compensation and responsibilities can vary greatly, depending on the department and role. Consider these positions from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 edition.

Customer service representatives handle customer questions and concerns. They record details and may handle returns and complaints. They will also provide information to customers about products and services.

Administrative services managers plan, direct and coordinate the support services of an organization. Responsibilities can include keeping records, managing supplies, plan budgets, and set department goals and deadlines.

Administrative assistants and general office clerks are great entry points for a career. Duties may include scheduling, handling incoming calls and mail and providing support and information to customers.

Marketing managers plan and execute promotional campaigns. They may evaluate website designs or plan an advertisement. Meeting with clients and developing pricing strategies may be part of their responsibilities.

Sales managers direct an organization’s sales team. They may analyze sales, assign sales territories and plan and execute training programs. Sales manager positions will require experience as well as education.

Human resource specialists may recruit, interview and hire workers for an organization. A career in human resources can advance from an entry level to a more advanced position with experience.

Financial analysts look at the financial data of an organization and make recommendations for improvements in processes or investments. They will study business and economic trends and prepare reports.