Career Path

A Clear Path from Enrollment to Graduation

“What if I work full time?” “Morning and afternoon classes are hard for me to make.” “What are my options?” “What will benefit me the most?”

Education should be empowering, not overwhelming.

You have goals, and you need a clear-cut plan to get there. That means total transparency into your entire student journey – from admissions to enrollment through graduation and beyond. We’re making education more manageable for students like you. Follow our guided path to graduation and be able to:

  • Commit to a promising future and finding the right career for you
  • Balance your schedule and earn your degree faster
  • Engage in your education and connect to local employers
  • Recognize the Value of higher education AND pay less

Commit to Your Career Path

At Globe University & Minnesota School of Business, we’re all about commitment. Committed to helping you find the right career; committed to providing the training you need and employers want; committed to supporting you on your guided path to graduation.

We’re also showing students our commitment through a consistent and reliable schedule. Our goal is to enable you to establish a schedule that is predictable, so that from quarter to quarter, you’ll know what to expect.

It’s All About Balance

You’re energized, committed and ready to hit the ground running. And we’re here to help you keep that momentum! We know that students are more likely to graduate when going to school full time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new schedule for full-time students. 

Gone are the days of stressing over and juggling four courses at once. We believe in a more manageable workload, so in many cases you will only take two classes at a time in two six-week terms and still complete four in a quarter!

Balance school and work. Spend time with your family. Stay engaged and graduate on time.

Stay Fully Engaged in Your Education

From enrollment all the way to employment, we’re making sure you have full insight into your personalized student journey. All along the way, you will receive dedicated support from instructors, peers and faculty who are all there rooting for you to succeed.

Globe University & Minnesota School of Business believe in giving you real-world experience before you graduate. We do that through applied learning projects. Put your skills into practice while helping businesses in your local community.

Engage with and connect to local employers and build valuable relationships that could turn into potential career opportunities.

We’re Increasing the Value of Your Investment

We have a lot of respect and admiration for our students and we want your hard work to pay off in more ways than one. That’s why we’re giving students the opportunity to save time and pay less. Earn your degree faster by taking a full-time load at a more manageable pace.

By following our guided career path, you can pay nearly 30%* less in tuition as a full-time student. Not only are you able to enter your chosen career field sooner, you’ll have the education and work experience needed to fill the skills gap and provide greater value to potential employers.

*Savings reflect a comparison of per-credit tuition rate for students taking 14 or more credits per quarter to the per-credit rate for students taking 11 credits or less.

Tuition changes apply to undergraduate programs and coursework only, and exclude the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Please refer to the most current Globe University/Minnesota School of Business course catalog and addendum for detailed tuition rate information.

Set up a meeting with one of our admissions representatives today, and map your career path. Find out what your entire student journey will look like from the first day to your graduation.