Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): Core Studies

At Globe University, we understand that you’re busy and you want to maximize the return on your graduate studies investment. Earn your DBA at our downtown Minneapolis campus and complete the 135-credit DBA program in two steps.

Step 1: 54 MBA credits

The first step in the DBA program* is to complete an MBA program of 54 quarter-hour credits (or semester-hour equivalents). You can enroll in our DBA program after you earn your master’s; upon graduation you’ll already have 54 credits (40%) of your DBA completed. MBA courses provide:

  • A broad examination of the four tenets of contemporary business management:
    • Fiscal/financial stability
    • Human resources and talent management
    • Adherence to ethical and regulatory standards
    • Evidence-based decision making
  • An introduction to business research and its applications
  • A seamless transition to the next level of graduate studies

Step 2: 81 doctoral credits

Next, as an MBA-prepared professional you will take 81 doctoral credits that will give you:

  • A practitioner-driven approach to research—investigate participatory and applied research methods and establish a research question(s) and strategy for your final project
  • An in-depth examination of contemporary business management topics—work through a range of case studies and simulations applicable to your project
  • A seamless transition to the development of an original evidence-based business management solution as you address your research questions
  • An introduction to future implications, practical applications, and presentations of your business solution

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*This doctoral program is ineligible for federal financial aid, per the Title IV section of the Higher Education Act (HEA).