MBA Curriculum

All students in Globe University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program complete the following core MBA classes:

  • Managerial Communications. Examines how business leaders manage the flow of information between colleagues and clients.
  • Team Work/Group Management Tools. Explores how methods of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork can enhance workplace productivity.
  • Strategic Management. Covers strategic management models and the role of managerial leaders in strategic planning.
  • Research and Business Project Development. Taken in the second-to-last quarter of the program, explores how to interpret research and proposals in a variety of formats.
  • Business Plan or Business Project. The final course in the MBA program, you’ll develop a business plan or business project and create persuasive presentations for implementation.

Select an emphasis or the custom MBA degree

In addition to our MBA curriculum, MBA students will design their custom MBA with elective courses or choose one of the following emphases:

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