The Custom MBA Program

Globe University offers you the opportunity to customize your Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. After completing the core MBA requirements, students will continue with an emphasis or customize their program by choosing individual courses from several categories. This flexible alternative allows the student to tailor the program to meet their specific career goals.

Core and elective courses

Core studies cover topics on communications, team work and strategic management as well as the development of the capstone business plan or project. Students creating a custom MBA will also complete one course from each of the following groups:

Group 1:
  • Fiscal Resources: Impact on Management
  • Fiscal Resources Management I
Group 2:
  • Management Control and Auditing
  • Financial Data/Statistics Management
  • Information Technology Systems Management
  • Legal Information Management
  • Marketing Strategies and Information Management
Group 3:
  • Fiscal Resources Management II
  • Investment Portfolios: Forecasting and Accountability
  • Legal Research: Administration and Accountability
  • Sales and Account Management
  • Human Capital: Two-Sided Accountability
  • Public Policy Administration and Accountability
  • Quality Control: Systems and Accountability
Group 4:
  • Financial Reporting: Contemporary and Emerging Issues
  • Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy
Group 5:
  • Taxation and Business Decisions
  • Case Studies in Financial Analyses
  • Case Studies in Legal Administrative Management
  • Case Studies in Marketing Management
  • Case Studies in Public Administration
  • Case Studies in Operations Management
Group 6:
  • Case Studies in IT Security Management and Ethics
  • Case Studies in Business Ethics and Law
  • Case Studies in Health Care Ethics
Group 7:
  • Case Studies in Human Resources Management
  • Case Studies in Health Care Personnel Management
  • Case Studies in IT Personnel Management

Elective emphases

The MBA program also offers elective emphases in the following areas:

More information

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