Medical Administrative Assistant Degree

Medical Administrative Assistant Degree


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If the excitement of working in a medical office is something that interests you, a career as a medical administrative assistant could be right for you. At Globe University, students have the opportunity to learn the crucial skills necessary for a successful medical administrative assistant career. Our curriculum combines clerical and medical expertise, ensuring that our students are thoroughly prepared for a rewarding career.

With a medical administrative assistant degree, you can become part of the growing health care industry. You will develop valuable soft skills such as customer service and communication, as well as build industry knowledge, including medical coding and billing and patient documentation.

Medical Administrative Assistant Programs

The medical administrative assistant diploma at Globe University can be easily transferred into our associate degree in medical administrative assistant without any loss of credits.

For more information about these programs or other health science programs, contact Globe University admissions at 1-877-303-6060 or request information.

Those working as medical administrative assistants can secure employment at many different health care organizations. The duties and titles of a medical administrative assistant professional will likely vary depending on the professional’s employer.

Some other possible job titles include:

  1. Health unit coordinator
  2. Medical records administrator
  3. Medical billing specialist

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Medical Secretaries
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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected employment growth rates for 2012-2022.

Medical Secretaries

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