Legal Studies Degrees

Support the Legal Process

Become an important member of any legal team as a legal administrative assistant.

Legal Studies Degrees

You can become part of the legal system with a legal studies degree from Globe University. 

Our programs cover several aspects of the world of crime and punishment—from security to attorney support.

Globe University’s career-focused training can prepare you to for jobs in criminal justice, paralegal or as a legal administrative assistant.

We offer several options for people interested in legal studies. A representative will be happy to help you weigh your options. Call toll-free: 1-877-303-6060, contact college admissions or stop by any campus location with questions.

    Criminal Justice

  • Earn a degree in an exciting industry
  • Learn how the criminal mind works
  • Get training from instructors with field experience
  • Learn how to identify and prevent crime
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  • Get involved in an important part of the legal process
  • Learn how to draft legal documents and perform legal research
  • Get hands-on training from experienced instructors
  • Earn a degree in a growing industry
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