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Globe University believes higher education should be accessible to those who want it. We offer a number of scholarship opportunities to help students pay for college.

A degree in criminal justice from Globe University can help you acquire the skills needed for a career where you’ll make a difference in the community. 

Our career-focused criminal justice degree programs prepare students with the skills needed to qualify for a variety of positions in courts, corrections or security. 

All of our criminal justice degree programs are available day or evening. You can also take the bachelor's and master's in management with a criminal justice emphasis programs online.

Criminal Justice Degrees

Globe University has multiple criminal justice degree programs to choose from, including:

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*Some states require training in addition to a criminal justice degree program for employment as a peace officer (deputy sheriff, police officer or state patrol officer). Our program cannot be used to fulfill Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training requirements. Please check your state’s Peace Officer and Standards Training (POST) board requirements to determine eligibility for this profession.

If you are self-confident, assertive and a critical thinker, you may have the basic qualities needed for a career in criminal justice . With the right preparation, you could be part of a system that makes society fair and safe.

The following is a list of potential career options for criminal justice graduates. Compensation and responsibilities can vary depending on the department and position. Consider these positions from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 edition.*

Private detectives and investigators are trained to find and analyze information regarding legal, personal and financial matters. They are often hired to do background checks, find missing persons and investigate computer crimes.*

Security guards and gaming surveillance officers patrol and protect property against theft, terrorism, illegal activity and vandalism.*

Correctional officers oversee individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to serve time in a jail or prison.*

Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists work with criminal offenders. They may be assigned to work in high-crime areas or in institutions where there is a risk of violence or communicable disease.*

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook at

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Job Title(s)
Security Guards
10th Percentile Salary
25th Percentile Salary
50th Percentile Salary
Job Title(s)
Correctional Officers Assistants
10th Percentile Salary
25th Percentile Salary
50th Percentile Salary

This annual salary data is taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for this job title. The 10th percentile indicates the bottom 10 percent of earners make less than that figure annually; the 25th percentile means the bottom quarter of workers earn less than the number; and the 50th percentile shows the median income for the profession.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected employment growth rates for 2012-2022

Security Guards

Correctional Officers Assistants

Average for all Occupations

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