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So, you’re interested in Globe University? Great. We love a chance to talk about ourselves. We offer what we believe is a very special opportunity—career-focused college programs. Every class provides specific employer-requested skills. 

Start something big. Call 651-332-8032 or email High School Admissions and arrange a campus visit. Meanwhile, think about:

Top Ten Reasons to choose Globe University

Top 10 reasons to choose Globe University

Reason Number One to Choose Globe University Variety. We have 40 programs (40!) for business, health, technology, legal and creative careers.
Reason Number Two to Choose Globe University No Friday classes.* And day, evening and online options. So who are we to tell you when to wake up and learn?
Reason Number Three to Choose Globe University Faculty with real-world experience. Learn from instructors who have been there and done that.
Reason Number Four to Choose Globe University We’re nationally accredited by ACICS.** That may not sound exciting, but it means we qualify for federal student aid and meet a lot of academic requirements.
Reason Number Five to Choose Globe University Convenient locations. Free parking. Enjoy our small-school feel and big-school resources.
Reason Number Six to Choose Globe University History. We have literally been around as long as the light bulb.
Reason Number Seven to Choose Globe University Financial aid. Get help with paperwork and applications for scholarships, grants and loans.
Reason Number Eight to Choose Globe University Small class sizes. Teachers will know your name and give one-on-one attention.
Reason Number Nine to Choose Globe University Job-search help. Career services include help finding work while you’re in school and after.
Reason Number Ten to Choose Globe University We care. Really. Our whole team will support you all the way.

Why wait? Call 651-332-8032 or email High School Admissions now and find out how to get a head start on college.

*Ok, a few programs have rare Friday sessions. Your representative will tell you more.

**Globe University is nationally accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award master’s, bachelor’s and associate degrees, diplomas and certificates.