High School

Too Much Information!

College, a job, military service—do you know what will help you accomplish your goals? Friends, relatives, teachers, counselors—all may be offering advice about life after high school. You may just want to be done and out the door. Your mailbox is probably filling up with glossy brochures—have you quit opening envelopes yet? You, my friend, are suffering from information overload.

Call 651-332-8032 or email High School Admissions and arrange a one-on-one meeting to identify what YOU want out of life after high school.

One of our high school representatives will sit down with you (your friends and parents are welcome to join you) and help you decide whether college is the right next step for you. If it is, we want to make sure you pick the right school (whether or not it is ours) and the right career program. 

We will explain

Still want more info? Learn more about our programs, academic services, financial aid and the admissions process. And about great scholarship opportunities just for high school students.

Email High School Admissions External Link Image and a representative will explain long-term career prospects for different fields.