International Students

Globe University Welcomes International Students

Globe University welcomes students from countries around the world. Our well-equipped campuses, experienced faculty and career-focused programs provide students with excellent preparation for the global employment market.

The process of coming to the United States as an international student can be complex and challenging. At Globe University, members of our International Student Services department will help you with every aspect of your U.S. education, including:

  • Assisting you in selecting the most appropriate degree program for a career in business, health science, legal science or technology
  • Creating a warm welcome and smooth transition to life here in the US
  • Assisting with all challenges involved in studying abroad
  • Providing exceptional service in every area, including education, career assistance and networking

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Contact International Admissions

Are you ready to take the next step and join our international college environment? Please feel free to contact our international admissions representative with any questions or for assistance with enrollment. You can call 612-455-3000 or send us an email.