Bachelor’s Degree in Software Application Development

Bachelor's Degree in Software Application Development


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Total Program Credits:
180 Credits

Transfer Credits:
Transfer in up to 75% of the program
*Prior learning and work experience may count toward program credit

Program Length:
12 quarters full time
36 months with year-round classes

In a technical age, you can learn how to solve real-world business challenges with Globe University’s bachelor’s degree program in software application development.

Our hands-on training can give you the practical skills you need to create powerful software application development solutions and launch a career in a growing field.

Globe University’s software application development program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn from instructors who are experienced in their field
  • Get training in industry-standard programming languages
  • Earn a four-year degree in three years of full-time study
  • Take classes on campus or online
  • Receive ongoing career assistance

Software Application Development Degree Online

At Globe University, we understand the value of your time. You can tailor your education around your busy schedule by taking software application development classes online. Our courses are available online 24/7, and you’ll receive the same schooling as our residential students.

Our software application development program can teach you the ins and outs of design, development and implementation of software-based apps. And Globe University’s business and general education classes will sharpen your analytical and communication skills.

In our program, you can learn about:

  • Software engineering
  • Programming
  • Database design and implementation
  • Operating systems
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application (native iOS and Android) development and security
  • Objective-C, C# and .NET, OpenGL, HTML5, Java and JavaScript

Skills in these areas will help you learn how to develop, test and maintain reliable and efficient software solutions that satisfy customer demand.

Our software application development program can position graduates for entry-level careers as software developers, programmers or software applications analysts.

Classes feature industry-standard application development tools, operating systems, server software, documentation and technical references through our partner, DreamSpark.

Want to earn a degree in software application development? Call 1-877-303-6060 or contact college admissions to learn more about all technology programs. We can answer your questions and help get you started. It’s not too late to enroll for next quarter.

Introduction to Software Development

In this course, students are introduced to software development. Fundamental programming concepts and software development techniques are introduced and implemented within an easy-to-learn development environment.

Database Design

This course introduces relational and object-oriented database concepts and SQL. Students design, implement and populate databases, and write simple queries using an industry-standard database such as MySQL, MSSQL Server or Oracle.

Multimedia Programming I

This course gives students an overview of using the TAO framework and the OpenGL library in games programming. The language used is C#. Many of the concepts implemented in this class apply across many programming languages and libraries.

Database Implementation

Students design and implement database solutions to meet end-users’ needs. Using an industry-standard database such as MySQL, MSSQL Server or Oracle, students explore the syntax of SQL, with an emphasis on the development of queries and reporting. Additional topics include normalization and de-normalization of data, retaining history and managing transactions.

Software Engineering for Mobile Devices

This course introduces students to the process of developing software-based solutions to complex problems using mobile devices. Students learn about the limitations imposed by these devices’ processing power and learn to operate within those constraints. Software engineering lifecycle processes are covered and object-oriented design and implementations concepts are discussed. Equally important, this course is a practice win software engineering as students team up to work on problem formulations, requirements engineering, architecting, design, programing, integration and delivery/deployment of applications.

Due to the limited number of completers within the reporting period, employer names are being withheld to preserve the confidentiality of our students.

Job Title(s)
Software Developers, Application
10th Percentile Salary
25th Percentile Salary
50th Percentile Salary
Job Title(s)
Computer Programmers
10th Percentile Salary
25th Percentile Salary
50th Percentile Salary

This annual salary data is taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for this job title. The 10th percentile indicates the bottom 10 percent of earners make less than that figure annually; the 25th percentile means the bottom quarter of workers earn less than the number; and the 50th percentile shows the median income for the profession.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected employment growth rates for 2012-2022

Software Developers, Applications

Computer Programmers

Average for all Occupations

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  2. View Bureau of Labor Statistics-Computer Programmers

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