Scholarship Opportunities for Military Personnel

Globe University honors the sacrifices of military service members by offering several scholarship opportunities to those who are eligible. Our military student services staff will help determine if you qualify for any awards and advise you how to proceed.

Contact our military student services department today at 1-866-778-2388 to learn more.

Available Scholarships

Eligibility requirements may apply to the following military scholarship opportunities:

  • Military Service Scholarship. This award is intended for military personnel who were severely wounded while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and for their family members. Bachelor’s degree students may receive $5,000; associate degree students, $2,500; and diploma students, $1,000.
  • Purple Heart Scholarship. Service members who were injured in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom may be eligible for this award. The scholarship covers tuition and fees remaining after all other military benefits are applied. Family member of service members killed in those conflicts may also qualify.
  • Military Advantage Scholarship. Qualified military personnel and their family members may qualify for this scholarship. Recipients receive 10% off tuition and fees for each quarter. Applicants should complete this enrollment certificate.
  • Military Active Duty/Retired Scholarship. This award is intended for active-duty or retired service members, their spouses and dependents. The award amount is equal to the difference between the current tuition rate and $290.

Request more information

Talk to a military liaison today to learn about special opportunities for military students—call  1-866-778-2388 today.