Tuition and Fees

At Globe University, we want to see you make the best decision about collegefor your unique situation. Before you enroll, we will explain exactly what your program will cost after financial aid. We will also discuss job placement rates and salaries of graduates in each program.

Tuition costs for U.S. students

Costs of tuition, fees and books for U.S. citizens and permanent resident vary by program. Below is a general cost-breakdown for undergraduate students. Beginning July 15, 2013, full-time students can enjoy a tuition reduction of up to 15%. Here is the cost breakdown for undergraduate students: 

Undergraduate Programs (except nursing)*
Application fee $50
Tuition: 1-11 credits: $460/credit; 12-16 credits: $390/credit
Course Fees: From $10-$400 per course
Books and supplies: From $200-$1,000 per quarter for full-time students


Tuition cap

Tuition is capped at 16 credits per quarter for most undergraduate programs. Qualified students who take more than 16 credits per quarter will not be charged for additional credits. This policy does not apply to nursing students or graduate students.

International student tuition

The international student tuition rate is $560 per quarter-hour credit for undergraduate programs and $595 per quarter-hour credit for graduate programs. For all courses designated RN101 through RN499, the tuition rate is $650 per quarter-hour credit. An international student making application via the I-20 form will be required to pay the first quarter tuition prior to starting classes. Students will be billed for books, fees and future tuition as incurred.

Making college affordable

At Globe University, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. As part of the admissions process, a member of our financial aid department will sit down with you, help as you identify scholarship, loan and grant opportunities, and work out an affordable payment plan.

Contact admissions for more information.

*Effective July 1, 2012. The tuition rate for nursing classes is $550 per credit hour.