Architectural Drafting and Design Graduate Tyler

Tyler Gelbmann wanted an education that centered on the technical aspects of drafting and design. He chose to attend Globe University, and is now a graduate of the program designed in partnership with Northwest Technical Institute (NTI). Tyler says he appreciates the hands-on experience he received while earning his associate degree.

“I like the freedom of design, once you get into the higher classes,” Tyler says. “By the end, you’re 100 percent designing your own building, right down to the paint color.”

Tyler likes that his education was structured around his field of study and that he didn’t have to take many general courses. He spent the majority of his time learning the latest computer programs and working with cutting-edge technology related to the drafting and design industry. In addition to architecture, Tyler’s other interests include music and rock climbing.

“I am a very passionate person, whether it be towards people I hold close to me, or my interests,” he says. “I put everything into what I am passionate about. When I design, be it art or architecture, I don’t [do it halfway].”

That passion and dedication has gotten Tyler where he is today, and although he says it was hard work, feels earning his degree was well worth it in the end.

“I have learned more here than I could have possibly thought about architecture,” says Tyler.

Visit the Globe University architectural drafting and design program page to learn more.